Friday, March 27, 2009

Mourning the living (damlai lu sun)


IS it true?
Are you sure?
Calm down!!
Take it easy!!

OH!you are there?yea yea.....this is why...

Winnie Cooper Is Married
(courtesy-yahoo buzz)

"If you were a boy growing up in the late '80s or early '90s, odds are you had a crush on Danica McKellar. She played Winnie Cooper, the object of Fred Savage's obsession on "The Wonder Years." The nostalgia-fueled sitcom has been off the air since '93, but Ms. McKeller still has legions of fans. Today, most of them are heartbroken. Their fair Winnie is officially off the market."

Look at her. How can any normal hot-blooded young boy of 13 not fall in love with her?
I remember seeing those weekly episodes of The wonder years on the then popular and only existing entertainment channel,star plus. Girls and boys alike would discuss it in school, like the time they kissed on the dock, the buzz on campus the next day was- "They kissed"

Then, the ever popular sitcom started drifting away from my life, distanced by me searching for my own Winnie,cartoon network and the appearance of OOOOOOooooh yeeeah WWF...wrestling shows which I religiously used to follow every week.

When i stepped into my college years, I remember seeing reruns on and off, now and then. But it wasn't til I came back to Vellore to do my postgraduate and downloaded the whole series and burned it on 3 DVD that I fell in love (yet again) with the show and of course, Winnie. In a way, she could make me feel like a kid again, hopeful of the joys of crushes and the heartaches that follow.

In a nutshell, a lot you need to know in life can be learned from these heart-warming half-an-hour shows. For example, there is nothing in life as frightening as calling up a girl, especially when that girl is a cute 12 year old girl....haha how true; how many of you established 20-something experienced romeos still get the yips before making the first call (thus resorting to the cowardly way out of using sms instead).

Eventually, Kevin didn't marry Winnie (yea i know, ooooooooooh), but the story couldn't end more perfectly. You see, 'Happily ever after' doesn't exist except in fairy tales. The Winnie Coopers will come .....and go, however devastated they will leave us. Rarely will puppy love and infatuation lead to an eternal true love which ages like wine.

However, sigh once again.....gotta see an episode now!


illusionaire said...

hehe yeah I used to have a deep crush on her too, growing up to the wonder years during those Star Plus days.

And regarding "damlai lu sun" in general, yeah been there done that a lot of times too :D

OpaHmar said...

Damlai lu sun-"been there done that a lot of times too"

Or has it been just 'Been there' and no 'done that'? hah!

Anonymous said...

ka comment e...tak2 a..i va taima ve blog te i siam...damlai lu chu i sun takmeuh e..haha..i blog ka tlawh e..

mimi said...

nice... i va peih reuh.. keep it up:)
i remember watching the episode..on sunday evenings if i remember it correctly. bro used to have a gf who looks like her, so we never missed

OpaHmar said...

@Christy - Thanx for ur valuable time, i know u r quite busy there visiting all pubs in b'lore on ur scooty

@Mimi - I also knew one girl who looked like her, unfortunately she got married.....thus another one bit the dust

nish said...

O yeah, I remember winnie cooper ...but SORRY pui...I could NEVER figure out what all the hype was about!!! However, kevin arnold on the other that was another story altogether!! :)

OpaHmar said...

@nish - Winnie Cooper....everything neat and perfect, with an aura of mystery and the ever (oh so slight)elusiveness made her irresistible

effie said... really impressed :),now nex time am comin to vellore,u hav to entertain me wit this show,i really want to catch them again!!!

Guddu said...

i had crushes in each class till i joined the college the damn sweet crushes.... always cherished and well preserved. now when i am getting getting to know the people whom i had crush on they had on me too at the same time ..... wow. thats a nice feeling. :)

koolnamali said...

waaaaaahhhhhh.. !!! SOB SOB

Jerusha said...

Honestly, she used to annoy me a little when the show was popular. But I really like her now, considering her being a big star at such a young age, one would expect her to grow up spoiled, slutty, and drugs-loving like all other child stars. But she graduated in math summa-cum-laude from harvard or some such thing, and wrote two books (about Maths and not about boys :D). She's a real star in my books!

OpaHmar said...

@effie - awff khawrs, i peih loh thlengin ka lo entir ang che, mahse sapthei tui min lo ken u la

@Guddu - What about ur crush-ee during internship?hehe
and was it mutual?hahaha

@Jerusha - Wow, almost felt some cattiness in ur opening statement!
She's tops, but unfortunately she didnt turn out to be so hot as an adult